How to shave you ass

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We will also lightly discuss the risks of removing the hair in your butt hole. As you shave, the razor will do the work, so it only needs to be pressed lightly against the skin. This powder is a high-quality corn starch powder that feels great on the skin and keeps you from feeling clammy. Cold water is suggested to help close pores. The eyelash is there to prevent things like dust or flying bugs from getting in your eye. Yes, the illustrations are pretty good I think:

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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Butt Hair

I'm not sure if ladies like a guy to do this, but it is just something I like to do. It is advised that you not only consult a physician, but also talk to someone who has done it before as shaving your buttcrack has many downside risks: After all, being hairless everywhere is just a weird trend that became popular for the strangest reason. Once you've cleaned the razor, pour a little rubbing alcohol over the top of the blades to kill any bacteria. A lot of people have hair on their butt and even more on their anus.

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how to shave you ass
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how to shave you ass
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how to shave you ass
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